Rentman v5 New Features

Rentman v5 is our new cloud subscription only software.

Rentman v5 is constantly updated to include new features to keep our clients ahead of their competitors and up to date with new legislation. Below is a list of our most recent enhancements.

September 2019 - 5.000.532

  • New Ability to delete a reference. Right click on grid on deal screen.

August 2019 - 5.000.490

  • New Property Status “Prospect”. For when you need to enter a property into Rentman but it is not yet ready to begin a ‘Valuation” workflow. Will not appear in the extant properties list or be uploaded to internet portals.

  • New If tasks or appointments are scheduled for a Sunday or Bank Holiday (UK only) the date will show a red border.

  • New VAT option for price on commercial properties.

July 2019 - 5.000.461

  • New Agreement to Lease document. To be signed by tenant and landlord when you take a holding deposit with the conditions why the holding deposit is returned, forfeited or used as part of the tenancy deposit. Appears as new checkbox on deal send documents screen. The standard document contains RPOST mailmerge fields for digital signing according the email recipient (see AST below).

  • New Rentman will prompt to reduce size of photos added to inspections as they may be too large to subsequently email to a landlord with the report.

  • New Add timestamped notes to journals.

June 2019 - 5.000.429

  • New Automatic signature codes inserted into AST document when sent for signing via RPOST.

  • New When emailing documents from ‘send documents’ on deal screen (using the email button only)… the landlord and tenant will have separate emails – each with the appropriate attachments (rather than having the agreement attached to one email sent to both). This is to help manage when you send the agreement to the landlord to be digitally signed : legal advice tells us that the landlord should not sign the agreement until all money has been received from the tenant – possibly the day the tenancy begins. For the landlord to sign beforehand raises the possibility of giving the tenants rights before they have paid the rent in advance and deposit.

May 2019 - 5.000.390

  • New Tenant Fees become disabled in Rentman for England, Scotland and Eire on 1st June 2016 and in Wales on 1st August 2019 to meet new legislation.

  • New New Agreement named “AST” to be used with all deposit schemes. Has all references to tenant fees removed and updates to Training for Professionals’ version 3.11 documents. Each scheme has a separate ‘snippet’ document with their specific Prescribed Information to be included in the agreement.

  • New Section 21 Form6a for England. To be used after 31st May 2019.

  • New If a deal is cancelled (checkbox on tenancy details tab of deal screen) Rentman will prompt to retain any holding deposit still being held – the amount will be set to be transferred to the office account in the same way as non-vatable tenant fees have always been handled. If a holding deposit is to be returned to an applicant simply enter a negative amount in the ‘receive money’ screen on the deal screen as before.

  • New New legislation also prevents credit card surcharges. The correct way to receive payments via Credit Card, Paypal or Stripe is to enter the full amount as having been received specifying one of the new payment types (VISA, Mastercard, PayPal and Stripe). Each of these payment types post the full amount to a new ‘bank account’ of the same name. This account can then be reconciled like any other and any commission deducted entered as an adjustment in the same way you already enter bank charges.

  • New TenantFees document updated to reflect new legislation. This document Is uploaded the rightmove, zoopla and OTM and appears on advertising materials.

  • New Increase Rent button on Deal Screen Tenancy Details tab. Changes the rent without renewing a deal. Use this button to enter new rate and its effective date. A confirmation email is sent to the tenants (no formal notice is required as the standard agreements include wording that notifies tenants in advance). If you don’t use our standard agreements issue a Section 13 notice manually.

  • New Relevant Persons. For a person who pays the deposit on behalf of a tenant (and is not a guarantor). Works in similar fashion to guarantors. Will appear on new versions of the agreements.

  • New Changing deposit after a renewal. The tenancy details tab has a ‘Deposit’ text box where you can set the actual deposit for this term. Useful when deposit is increased or reduced.

    *If you enter a reduced amount Rentman will prompt to return the difference to the tenant.

    *If you enter an increased amount Rentman will add the difference to the Pre-Tenancy tab… the money should then be received in the normal way and will be posted to the deposit.

March 2019 - 5.000.355

  • New Exchangedate included in ‘sales in progress’ list

  • New Transfer custodial deposit to Landlord’s ID. If a deposit is held in a custodial scheme you can transfer it to the landlord’s account within the scheme either by changing the ‘Deposit Held By’ to ‘Landlord’ on the deposit’s tab of the deal screen or by clicking a new Transfer to Landlord button on the Postings tab.

  • New Transfer a deposit to a new tenancy. Whether held in a custodial scheme or in your own bank accounts a deposit can now be transferred to a new tenancy without money being physically returned to the tenant and recieved onto the new tenancy. Click ‘Transfer to new tenancy’ button on the postings tab of the deal screen. Obviously this just changes rentman’s records ; you still need to transfer the deposit on the scheme’s website to re-register on the new tenancy (for which there may be a charge).

  • New “Outstanding Invoices as at” screen under Accounts/Prints & Reports.

  • New Bills Paid from Office Account screen.

February - 5.000.301

  • New Bank Transfers from Client Account to Office Account now shows individual bills paid from office account rather then a batch bill total.

  • New Rentman will issue the Form 6a variant of Section 21 notices even for tenancies created before 01 Oct 2015. This in accordance with recent legal advice. The 4a variant is still valid for such tenancies but in the interests of simplicity the 6a is preferred.

  • New Add existing PDF files to document packages..

  • New HMO & PRPL (Private Rented Property Licensing) Licensing.

  • New All certificates can now have tasks and jobsheets attached to them. Open a certificate and see the list of associated tasks. To create a new task click the + button.

  • New Warning on deal summary tab if an EPC or Gas Safety is due to expire during this tenancy

January - 5.000.258

  • New Right click on the property on a task screen to go to the property, building or tenancy.

  • New Right click on journal and task attachments to send to current tenants of property.

  • New Tenants’ statement item in ToDo list. Print or email from here. Defaults to send statements one day after rent was received– so can serve as a post hoc receipt. The one day delay allows for multiple tenants to submit their rent without triggering a statement for each.

  • New Automatically email Tenants’ statements. Set option in company preferences (extended tab). Defaults to send statements to those tenants for whom you have received rent since their last statement – so can serve as a post hoc receipt. Also sends if rent is outstanding 7 days after it was due. The emails will be sent when Rentman does its nightly housekeeping and will use the same email account as is set for ‘property match’ emails. Some local authorities are suggesting this as part of a best practice accreditation.

  • New Add and remove favourites on print document screen

  • New Tenancy notes tab has special textarea for tenant’s requests to the landlord prior to moving in.

  • New New Certificate button on main toolbar. Select the property when you get there.

  • New Section21 Notices Due in todo list. Can be sent by email from Send button. If a document called “Section21note” exists (i.e. you created one such) it will be used as the body of the email.

  • New Breaking News. Shows recent Rentman activity such as properties becoming available, prices changing, properties becoming unavailable, tenancies going periodic etc. It will refresh itself every 60 seconds.

  • New Emailing Documents from the deal screen will now create separate emails for the agreement, notices, deal sheet items and utility letters. So the agreement will appear on one email to both landlord(s) and tenant(s). The notices will be on a different email to the the tenant(s) with the landlord(s) cc’d. Deal sheet items will be on a tenants only email and utility letters addressed to the utility company only. The agreement email in particular requires this when used with RPOST.