Why you should be inspecting properties regularly

by Gary Whittaker

Letting agents will be more than used to carrying out property inspections at some point during a tenancy, but how regularly are you doing them ' Some agents will carry out very regular inspections, while others will only see properties around once a year at most. 

However, it can be very important to make sure that checks are regular, and there are a number of benefits that letting agents can find by simply going into rental homes once every two to three months to have a chat with tenants and a check over the property to make sure everything is ticking over nicely. 

Here, we take a look at a few of the most beneficial reasons for carrying out property inspections as regularly as possible. 


According to reports, subletting is now more common than ever before, largely thanks to the rise of websites like Airbnb, which allows people to easily find someone to pay to stay in their home when they are off on holiday. 

The problem is that this breaks the terms of tenancy in the majority of cases, and it can even breach mortgage conditions for many landlords. This is why it's important to make sure to look out for signs of someone living in a home who shouldn't be there, and regular property inspections can help you spot these signs, as well as discouraging people from even indulging in subletting at all. 

Proactive rather than reactive

As much as most letting agents would like to think that tenants will report something as soon as it goes wrong, the reality is that this is quite unlikely. Tenants tend to worry that they will be blamed for problems in homes, or that it will end up costing them money, and most will sit on smaller issues for a while, which can lead to them getting worse. 

If you are carrying out regular inspections, however, it allows you the chance to get into the property and see things for yourself to check the condition of the home. Look for signs of things like mold and broken fixtures to allow you to react now and get things fixed early, before they become bigger, and crucially, more expensive repairs. 

Improve communication

If your tenant can see you more regularly, as they will if you are coming round every couple of months to check on how they and the rental property are doing, then the chances are they will start to feel a little more comfortable and confident in coming to you with problems and issues that they are dealing with. 

When you are speaking to tenants during an inspection, reiterate to them that you are not there to check on them, but rather to make sure they are not having to deal with problems in silence. This will allow them to feel more at ease, and chances are the next time something breaks or goes wrong, they will feel much happier with coming to you, knowing who you are and that you are on their side. 

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23-December-16Property Management