Five advantages of the cloud for letting agents

by Gary Whittaker

Last month, we provided a brief introduction to the cloud for letting agents. Now that you are familiar with what the technology is and how it works, here is a closer look at some of the advantages it could provide for your agency.

1 - Flexibility
Perhaps the greatest impact the cloud can have on a letting agency's day-to-day operations is the flexibility it provides. The beauty of the technology is that it allows access to Rentman from any device, so long as the user has the necessary credentials such as a username and password. 

For professionals like letting and estate agents, who spend much of their time on the move from property to property, this can be a godsend. They can access vital work information through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet and this can really make a difference to their everyday work.

An example of this is that potential tenants can easily be shown pictures of properties, while their details can be added to your database on the spot rather than having to be taken down by hand and then uploaded to the system when back in the office. A further benefit is that staff have the option to work from home on occasion if necessary.

2 - Security 
One of the greatest drawbacks of IT is the potential for vital information to be lost should something go wrong. By using letting agency software that is hosted on the cloud, you will go some way to overcoming this problem. Even if all your office computers go down, your data will be safe so long as it's been uploaded to the cloud and you can then access it from any device you choose.

3 - Cheaper 
A major advantage of the cloud is that it has the potential to cut costs at your agency without compromising on quality whatsoever. Businesses across the world are turning to the technology as it means they have to invest less in their physical IT infrastructure and its maintenance. The money that would be spent on this can then be channelled elsewhere. Essentially, the cloud has the potential to provide access to the same, and often improved IT services, at a reduced cost - something that will appeal to all businesses.

4 - Staff satisfaction
A business is only as good as its people, and estate and letting agencies are certainly no exception. To get the most out of your staff, it's important for them to be as satisfied with the company as possible and utilising the cloud could be one step towards achieving this.

Employees crave access to tools that let them to do their job to the best of their ability. As explained above, the flexibility provided by the cloud allows letting and estate agents to provide a superior level of customer service and this will only boost their engagement and satisfaction levels. 

Indeed, younger members of the workforce are increasingly expecting to be able to make use of the latest technology and will favour those employers who can provide it over those who cannot.

5- Competitive advantage
The property market is a fiercely competitive place and both letting and estate agents are fighting to provide a better service and attract more custom than their rivals. By unlocking the four advantages discussed above, your agency could gain a vital competitive edge in this challenging business environment.

The flexibility and security provided by the cloud allows you to develop an improved service that will help to retain and attract new customers. Meanwhile, the IT costs saved can be invested elsewhere and improved staff satisfaction will give a welcome boost to performance.

The next step

Are you keen to unlock these benefits for your agency ' If so, Rentman is here to help. We provide a full cloud version of our property management software and are on hand to offer all of the support you need to make the most of the product. 

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08-October-14General Lettings News