Loneliness concern may lead to more communal living

by Gary Whittaker

For the majority of people, living surrounded by loved ones is a desirable situation, but the reality of modern life is different for many - and that can make a lot of people feel lonely.

An Office for National Statistics study has found certain groups of people are much more likely than average to find themselves suffering from loneliness, a situation that could be compounded by living on their own. 

Young adults - the so-called 'generation rent' - are the most at risk, with ten per cent of this demographic admitting they were either 'always' or 'often' lonely. This was more than triple the figure for those aged over 65, even though the latter group would include many people who had been widowed and were thus deprived of a long-term partner. 

Despite that, widowed older people living alone were among the other groups who were vulnerable to loneliness, along with middle-aged single people with long-term health conditions. Women were more likely to be lonely than men, and renters more than homeowners.

The study identified that the loneliest young people were renters who did not have much sense of trust or belonging with the area they live in.
Such findings could help guide landlords and letting agencies in their marketing of rental properties. 

For example, properties where residents would live in a shared home rather than alone could appeal to many single people, while younger individuals might find that - rather than being on their own in an unfamiliar town they had moved to for work reasons after graduation - they would appreciate being in a shared property. 

Indeed, it may be particularly useful if one or more of the other residents was local and therefore able to help with the process of familiarisation in the community. 

At the same time, there will be many people who still prefer the independence of living on their own, and have sufficient social connections not to feel isolated. 

Nonetheless, for those letting out property, it may be wise to bear in mind that the cultural shifts towards greater personal autonomy in recent decades have not always brought positive results, and by offering shared rental accommodation they can help those who recognise the avoidance of living alone as part of the solution.ADNFCR-1064-ID-801846098-ADNFCR

09-April-18Marketing News