How to build a strong relationship between tenant and letting agent

by Gary Whittaker

Tenants and letting agents have an important professional relationship in any tenancy, with one more or less unable to exist without the other. However, it is when these relationships are handled well by the letting agent that we start to see how valuable they can really be. 

In some cases, tenants can be rather secretive, and they often sweep problems under the carpet that later end up presenting serious problems for agents. But when the two have a good relationship, it can bring about a more open communication channel, for example, meaning that such issues can be addressed in a more timely and effective manner. 

This, and a number of other positives, are why it's important that letting agents ensure they have a good working relationship with tenants living in any of their properties. But just how do you ensure that you have such a good rapport with your tenants ' We take a look at a few tips. 

Catch up

One of the main problems that many agents can face is that their tenants worry about approaching them with problems. If the agent seems distant, the tenant might not know what sort of reception their request or report of an issue will be met with. However, there are ways that you can address this from the off and make sure the tenant feels more relaxed talking to you. 

A very effective tactic in this regard is to simply try to catch up from time to time. For example, why not ring your tenant once every three months or so just to check how things are with the property? Not only does this give them a chance to air any problems at the time, but it also shows them that you care about any issues they might have, and that they can get in touch if and when they need to. 

Be reliable

We all know what bad customer service can feel like and how it can sour our opinion of a company we are dealing with. It's no different when it comes to letting agents. If you have promised someone a service, it's important to hold up your end of the bargain, or you end up with unhappy tenants. 

All it can take is to make sure you are communicative, and that you deal with any problems the tenant brings up as soon as possible. If they have to chase you for answers, then it's not going to help your working relationship in the long run. 

Be courteous

There will be times when you as a letting agent will have to have work carried out in the property, and this can be where problems arise. One mistake that many letting agents make is that they will give notice of their intentions to enter the home without having first checked with the tenant, which often leads to annoyance and a feeling of intrusion. 

The best way to deal with this sort of thing is to simply call the tenant. Ask them when is most convenient to come around to do the maintenance work, and let them know what is actually being done. They'll feel more comfortable about the whole situation, and you'll have a better working relationship as a result. 

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26-May-16Marketing News